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Bring colour to your life with art that speaks diversity and inclusion.

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Barcelona art for a vibrant world.

We are DRDA Art, an online art corner founded by María José González and Toni Rubio, a Mexican creative and a Catalan multidisciplinary designer and artist. After 30 years in the creative industry helping the world’s leading companies, it is in DRDA Art that the passionate pair have found a way to inspire diversity, promote inclusion and honour art and creative culture through the creation of vibrant art pieces.

At DRDA Art we deal solely in limited editions and our heart and soul goes into making each piece a unique art experience that delights the senses. We take care over every last detail in our atelier located in Barcelona’s modern quarter, from utilising a range of art techniques to selecting the finest-grade, sustainable materials to ensure our pieces can bring colour to your life for over 200 years. Each original artwork is numbered, artist-signed and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity so you know it is a genuine DRDA piece.